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Estate Planning-

Creating your estate plan can be a difficult and emotional task. Once you begin the process, you want to be sure that your wishes are conveyed properly and in documents that are legally valid. The attorneys at Glick and Trostin, LLC will take the time to work with you and create an estate plan that is tailored to fit your unique needs and wishes within the limits of current state and federal laws. 

Services we offer:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney for Property and Healthcare
  • Living Wills
  • Asset Protection Planning

Our estate planning clients range from young adults and new families who are just starting out to those who have an accumulation of assets to provide for retirement and future generations. At Glick and Trostin, LLC, we have experience creating estate plans that involve family owned businesses, assets in other countries, and families with complex considerations (i.e. special needs dependents or children from multiple marriages). Our extensive knowledge of both estate planning and taxes allows our attorneys to create an estate plan that not only benefits you in the present but will also prevent needless loss of your assets to gift, estate, and inheritance taxes. We invite you to contact our office whether you are creating your estate plan for the first time or you would like a review of existing documents. ​ 


Estate Administration/Probate- 

As an Executor or Administrator of an estate, you are responsible for collecting estate assets and paying estate debts. An estate may require probate meaning that you must file appropriate paperwork with the Probate Court, as well as with various state and federal agencies. Upon the closing of the estate, you must distribute the final assets to the designated beneficiaries. 

If you find yourself named as the Executor under a will or are appointed as the Administrator of an estate by the court and are unsure of what your first step should be, contact the attorneys at Glick and Trostin, LLC to assist you. 

Services we offer:

  • Assisting the Executor in preparing and filing all necessary court documents
  • Assisting the Executor in collecting and valuing assets
  • Helping the Executor to pay final debts, identifying the creditors and negotiating any claims against the estate
  • Filing taxes on behalf of the estate
  • Preparing and transfer documents in connection with the eventual distribution of the estate to its beneficiaries
  • Preparing court accountings and reports necessary to bring the estate to a close

If you are the beneficiary of an estate, you have certain rights governed by the Illinois Probate Code and the specific language in the will. If you believe that the Executor is not performing their fiduciary duties properly, we can assist you in enforcing your rights and moving toward a resolution.


Trust Administration- 

When you are named as a Trustee, you are responsible for completing certain tasks that safe guard and grow the trust’s assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The Trustee must also ensure that the trust is in compliance with local, state, and federal rules and laws that govern the trust and its assets. If you are unfamiliar with administering a trust, the experienced attorneys at Glick and Trostin, LLC can help you through the process.

Services we offer:

  • Collecting and value assets
  • Paying debts
  • Filing taxes on behalf of the trust
  • Preparing the necessary transfer documents in connection with the distribution of trust property to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Preparing accountings and reports to be given to the beneficiaries
  • Representing you in court as needed due to your status as a Trustee

Estates and Trusts

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